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Snow Joke!

By Helen, 18/12/2010 11:10 am

Christmas Trees!

Believe it or not we are open and we still have a few Christmas Trees left under this pile of snow!

The snow is laying crisp and deep and even and does look very beautiful even though it may put you off going outside!  Paul is out there (while I blog in the warm!) trying to make the car park accesable!

The A396 is passable and there is traffic occasionally trundling past but very slowly…



At least George is prepared with his stocking but I think he will be disappointed to find snow in it rather than presents!

Festive George!

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Devon Christmas Trees

By Paul, 01/12/2010 9:31 pm

"Free Snow With Every Tree , While Stocks Last!!!'

A year on and its time for Christmas Trees again.  This year we have an even greater selection of fresh Devon grown trees.  We have traditional Norway Spruce and as well as a great selection of non-drop trees.  We have just had our first delivery and the quality looks superb this year. And what better weather for choosing your christmas tree, cold, crisp and a light sprinkling of snow……Just like a scene from a christmas card.

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Stained Glass Kingfisher

By Helen, 20/02/2010 9:10 am

Well its another snow day here in Devon so its time to sit in the warm and update the blog!  Have finally made a kingfisher, its really hard to recreate the amazing flash of blue but I think its worked quite well.  He is hanging in the shop window ready for someone to take him home and enjoy!



Thinking of our feathered friends during this never ending winter we have just received a delivery of Gardman bird care and sundries.  We have a selection of feeders, seeds and nuts, everything you need to keep them happy.  We also have a selection of sundries to keep the gardener happy including some thermometer’s in case you want to know what the temperature is (freezing I would say!)

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Snow Day at Cove

By Helen, 06/01/2010 4:47 pm
moorhen in snow

Where's my food?

Well the snow that has been promised for ages finally arrived (about 2 weeks too late)  with a vengeance last night.  We measured 7 inches on the benches.  We have been shovelling it off the polytunnels to minimise damage but by the look of the forecast we may have to do it again.  Had to shovel it off the bird table too and am more concerned about running out of food for them!  Recent bird visits have been the kingfisher briefly and regularly see bull finches, nuthatch and also buzzards in the valley. 

It has been stunning in the snow and extremely peaceful, as I look out of the window at the birch trees I could imagine myself in Lapland.  Need a deer to come pose for the camera to make our next Christmas cards!  They have been shy of late but saw plenty of prints in the snow this morning.

but we're still open!!

but we're still open!!

We are currently refurbishing the craft studio but are actually open for business but none but the foolish would venture out in this!

Leat at Cove

Leat at Cove

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